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Ken's Bio

Ken Robertson, Singer Songwriter

Ken was raised on a steady diet of both kinds of music - Country and Western - with heavy doses of Southern Gospel, Johnny Cash, Elvis, and the great hymns of the church.

In early life, the Robertson family singers (dad, mom, 2 brothers, and sister) performed at various church functions. Ken performed with the Joint Heirs, a busy Southern Gospel quartet, and later joined a Bluegrass Gospel band (Mark Allen and the Gospel Train).

Other musical influences include bluegrass, blues, folk, and some rock of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. If you try to pin him down to a question of musical style, you will find strong reflections of Don Francisco and the late Keith Green.

Ken has appeared as a solo performer, in local church choirs, praise and worship bands, and at benefit events. He has written and copyrighted more than 40 songs, and had one song published. He enjoys a great story song and any song with a sense of humor or a surprise twist.

Ken joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International in order to improve his songwriting skills.

Ken, Brenda, and daughter Brittany live near Pendleton, Indiana.


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