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Early Returns

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"And He Was Moved
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The phrase "Early Returns" does not apply just to reporting of election results. Here you can find reactions and opinions about Ken's Acoustic Sincerity in Action (live performances) and Acoustic Sincerity recordings.

Were you Encouraged, Restored, Challenged? Please contribute to the Guestbook and share your thoughts, comments and reactions.


Feedback, Songs:

Just finished listening to Acoustic Sincerity One (1), loved it. My favorite was "Beauty for Ashes."
--KB, Indianapolis, Indiana

Have a blessed day, enjoying my CD's
--CB, Indianapolis, IN

Can you send me the lyrics for "Hallelujah Praise The Lord (Psalm 150)"? My eight year old loves it; she makes me play it over and over again in the car so she can learn the words.
--KB, Indianapolis, IN

Yes, the Spirit moved. I just finished a first listen through Acoustic Sincerity One (1), and am savoring this many-flavored feast as my spirit is nourished with peace. My personal standard for when I sing the Lord's music is to provide a sermon in song that moves the heart and nudges the listener to Jesus' call...and my, do you hit that standard repeatedly! I love the variety of the music, and stories told. Thank you for this lovely gift from your heart, and the voice of the One who speaks through you.
--RS, Carmel, IN

Really like your stuff! The "Jesus Loves Me Blues" IS a fun piece!
--JJ, Indianapolis, IN

Please tell Ken we are listening our way through his CDs and are thoroughly enjoying them. My pick me up song is "Puppy Pettin' Clothes," but I listen to "Fan the Fire" each morning; very inspiring. I totally get why "Harvest of Righteousness and Peace" was inspired by your mom's life (Brenda's Mom, Norma Keller): a simple beautiful melody repeated over and over again until it slows at the end but ends on an upbeat strum. Perfect.
--TB, Southport, IN

"Bigger Cup," I love the idea of that song; never heard anything like it.
--BD, Music Publisher, Nashville, TN

It's just wonderful music, Ken, and the recording technique sound is superb. The instruments just are harp like, especially on Acoustic Sincerity Two (2).--
--RS, Carmel Indiana


Feedback, Performance:

I've never heard that song before. Did he write that?
Church Member, Pendleton, Indiana

I could listen to Ken all day; he is so smooth and comforting.
JW, Pastors Wife, Pendleton, IN

Ken sounds like a friend.
Church member, Pendleton, IN

Where do you get your songs?
Church member, Pendleton, IN

I really enjoyed that.
Church member, Pendleton, IN

I can' t believe he would sing an acapella solo like that.
Church member, Pendleton, IN

"They're Cheering for You" soothed my soul; you made me cry. Thank you.
Pastor, Clay City, IN

I love that song, "Father and Son." Never heard anything like it.
Pastor, Indianapolis, IN


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