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765 - 778 - 8644

Singer - Songwriter

Pendleton Indiana

Christian Music Singer Performer for Christian Events

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Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons You Should Invite Ken To Play At Your Event...

10. You will make a new friend. And your new friend will not be a gorilla with a massive sound system with flashing lights, and a smoke show. Ken has nothing to hide. He's more like a nice guy who sings and plays some guitar, someone that you could invite into your living room for popcorn and a glass of iced tea.

9. You can trust Ken with your group or congregation. Ken's original songs are scripture-based (check out the Bible verse references), and he throws in a mix of familiar hymns, gospel songs, and a couple of funny songs, just because we all need to laugh sometimes.

8. Ken understands and respects churches that are located in the country and small towns. That's where he comes from, and he knows what it's like.

7. Ken doesn't put his feet on the furniture. Seriously. He knows that piece of furniture represents a special major donation or an historical church or family heirloom.

6. Ken's sound system won't blow your ears out; he wants to make it easy to clearly hear everything.

5. Ken plays acoustic guitar. Acoustic. Yeah, there are some sound tracks, but mostly acoustic guitar. And maybe some harmonica.

4. You will be encouraged. Ken sings encouraging songs, and he has been told that he's more fun than eating alone.

3. You may feel restored because Ken sings restorative songs. He has a soothing voice, but sings some toe-tapping stuff so you don't nod off (and he so doesn't nod off either; he snores…).

2. You will be challenged. Some of Ken's songs will challenge you, others will make you cry or laugh. Truth + Funny = Action

1. You will feel like you want to invite him back.

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